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30 May

8 Reasons Why Android Application Development Is Required For Your Business

Android – it’s unavoidable now. With more than 80 percent market share, Android has gone too far from competitor mobile operating systems like iOS and Windows. Same is the case with Android apps. Google Play Store hosts more than 2 million apps and 6.5 % of them belong to business category. There are 7% entertainment […]

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26 May

3 Reasons Why iOS App Development Should Be Preferred

Mobile technology is changing the way businesses work. Now they are more prompt, connected and receptive. They can quickly interact with all their customers, employees and partners.  It has become easier and convenient to work on the go with mobile phones and apps. When we talk about mobile phones and apps, just think which one […]

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17 May

Which Operating System should you build an app for first?

Some businesses experience difficulties when it comes to building an app. They are not able to decide that which platform they should build an app for first. The debate has been going on since multiple smartphone ecosystems have come in market but now, it has been limited only to two platforms: iOS and Android. So there […]

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